Navigating Legal Challenges: Essential legal priorities for Tech Startups

Dive into the key legal matters that startups need to address with Chris Spillman of Biztech Lawyers. This teaser offers a succinct overview of key legal concepts that are essential for startups to consider when they go through their journey. Starting Up: Discover and consider the key legal structures crucial for the sustainable growth of […]

Biz + Tech + Law: Predictions for 2024

In 2024, the tech sector faces pivotal shifts. How will the industry respond after a bifurcation where a significant pullback in tech sector investment has been paired with a surge in Generative AI investment, along with growing demands for technology regulation. For tech company leaders navigating global markets, understanding these changes is critical. Biztech Lawyers […]

Term Sheets Explained: A Startup’s Guide to Understanding and Negotiating Key Terms

Authored by Alison Berryman and Dion English with the assistance of Casper Xiao So you’re running a tech company and you’re looking to raise a round to accelerate your growth. You’ve found your investors and you’re ready to negotiate the investment terms, but where do you start? Major contractual negotiations often kick-off with a term […]

The X-Factor: What Tech Companies Want From Their External Lawyers

Co-authored by Anthony Bekker, Chris Spillman and Alison Berryman At Biztech Lawyers, we’re attuned to the intricate demands that tech leaders and general counsels face. Maneuvering through complex legal landscapes while seamlessly integrating external legal expertise poses an ongoing challenge. We transcend the traditional legal service provider role; we aspire to be the trusted ally […]

Keeping Pace with NYC’s micro mobility laws – “Charge Safe, Ride Safe”

Authored by Chris Spillman and Casper Xiao As a global legal services partner specializing in technology innovation, Biztech Lawyers attentively tracks the latest legal developments impacting clients, particularly those in innovative technologies. This piece explores recent updates in New York City’s regulation of powered micro-mobility devices, including electric bikes and scooters. The “Charge Safe, Ride […]

Empowering Biztech Lawyers: How Practical Law Drives Efficiency and Elevates Legal Services

Published in full on Thomson Reuters Discover how Biztech Lawyers, under the visionary leadership of our APAC Managing Director Anthony Bekker, has overcome the challenge of limited documents and precedents to support our legal work. Biztech needed a comprehensive legal know-how resource to meet client expectations and facilitate international growth, which we found in Practical […]

Senior Obama Administration cyber expert joins Biztech Lawyers 

MEDIA RELEASE Thomas A. Dukes, Jr. appointed Director of tech-law firm after serving senior roles for the US Departments of Justice, State and Defense, founding US health-tech startup CEO. Sydney, November 14, 2023 – Emerging global technology and business law firm, Biztech Lawyers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas A. Dukes, Jr. (“Tom”) […]

DAOS and Don’ts: What we can learn from BzX/Ooki DAO

By Francisco Moran and Casper Xiao Introduction In the ever-expanding realm of technology, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are challenging traditional organizational structures. For tech innovators, leaders, and those venturing into the multijurisdictional digital landscape, DAOs offer an enticing solution. They enable decentralized collaboration and decision-making. Nevertheless, the absence of a central authority and the unique […]

Australia’s Privacy Reform: Shaping the Future of Data Protection

Authored by Andrew Truswell and Casper Xiao In the dynamic realm of technology and innovation, Biztech Lawyers is your unwavering partner. We are dedicated to simplifying complexities, offering precise legal support, and ensuring you’re well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Today, we bring to your attention the first steps in a pivotal development that has […]