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We are your workhorse and decision-making partner.

You’ve blasted off and you’re either rapidly accelerating or losing altitude, fast. 

You need an experienced technician who has been ‘been there’ before to help you get back on track — now.

Navigating the unknown is super fun but super hard to do on your own.  You need a team of professionals you can rely on when you need it. 

Looking to go global? There are several challenges that we can help you quickly overcome. Our lawyers can advise you on hiring global employees, international contracts, and setting up foreign operations amongst other things! We can provide you with the necessary support and guidance you need to reach new heights and establish yourself on the international stage.

Opportunities await! We can find the best strategies to penetrate new markets with your existing contracts and assets. Strategic market expansion doesn’t require your company to jump through hoops. You already have everything you need! So, how can we help?

The right partner can open doors for your business, and the right lawyer can make sure your partnerships don’t go sour. Maximise the opportunities from new partners while limiting the risk to you and your company. The key is in strategic agreements!

Our longstanding work means we’ve seen partners come and go and businesses rise and fall. We understand the kind of partner you need to grow and know what it takes to make that happen.

We handle the legal side to your cap raises so you can focus on finding and pitching to the right investors. We can assist you with setting up strategic ESOP plans, vesting terms, shareholder rights and more to help make your company as attractive to investors as possible. Launch forward with us!

Has your business outgrown your current financing agreements? We want to help you negotiate better deals to support your growth capacity! We can help you consider your options between financial institutions to tailor an agreement that can keep up with your growth. With better facilities, you can find more opportunities for your business.

A Joint Venture Agreement is a contract between parties who want to do business together. They will include provisions that provide a clear outline of the duties of each party and other important protections and limitations specific to the situation.

You will always be better protected by having an experienced lawyer draft your JV/Partner Agreements. We will ensure that the terms are specifically tailored to your business and are fair and favourable to your needs.

We can assist and advise foreign investors in tapping into various global markets. We’re a land of opportunities for agribusiness, food, infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, space, tech, health and more. Our experienced lawyers will guide you with domestic financing and regulatory approvals for all cross-border transactions.

Investors will often prefer to invest in companies that are located in their home country, and if you wish to acquire such foreign investment, a flip up could be the way to go. This process of setting up a company in a foreign jurisdiction and turning the existing domestic company into a subsidiary can be a daunting one, but our service will relieve you of the stress and allow you to focus on your future success.

Power plays a key role in negotiations. You never want to go into one from a bad place. Our lawyers can help you protect or fill in your shortcomings so you don’t get exploited. We walk you through the entire process from negotiations to execution.

Stuck in a bad deal? Get out of there ASAP! We’ll find the most strategic way to minimise your losses before it’s too late.

Get the best advantages of an in-house counsel without the expensive cost of maintaining one yourself! With us on call, you’ll always be informed on the benefits and risks of high level decisions. You don’t need to hunt down one lawyer for contracts and another lawyer for employment— we’ll handle anything and everything you need.

Make strategic choices! We’re your growth partner.

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