The GFC and Silicon Valley Bank: Why We’re Still Repeating History

Chris Spillman Biztech Lawyers
Startups across the US, UK and Australia have had their fears confirmed that banking will feel much more ‘traditional’ in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, potentially stifling innovation and ambition.

The collapse and aftermath serves as a reminder that we need greater global banking competition, particularly in the technology industry, to serve the needs of a modern startup. Without it, founders will find themselves on the receiving end of an unempathetic financial services provider that fails to capture the value of their ideas or work at the speed they need.

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Chris Spillman Biztech Lawyers
Chris Spillman
Managing Director - Americas
Chris holds an indisputable reputation as a key and trusted advisor in the areas of corporate law and commercial transactions, having started out with Kirkland & Ellis. He later became general counsel for NYC fintech Quadpay before, during and after major cross-border acquisition and was responsible for all operational, partnerships, financing, contracts, and compliance work.

Through Spillman & Partners, he helped buy and sell multiple US tech companies, finance global growth through debt, equity and hybrid offerings, negotiate global tech agreements and commercial contracts with national and global e-commerce retailers and consumer brands.

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