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Contracts will vary depending on circumstance, and the best ones are always specifically tailored for you. Early stage startups will be tempted to use templates — they’re cheap and as far as the average joe is concerned, it does the job to get the deal going.

But because these are templates — available to anyone and quite predictable — you leave yourself vulnerable. Some template terms favour one side over the other while others leave plenty up for debate. Every template you use is also a missed opportunity to protect yourself and ensure a good position in later negotiations.

More importantly, in the later stages of your company, whether you’re looking to raise capital or sell your business, investors will review your contracts and agreements to see if there are any issues or unrealised threats. Having an unfavourable contract on foot when you’re trying to make your company look like the best thing that the investor’s ever come across really won’t help your case.

Most startup disputes will also relate to employment, co-founder conflicts, or IP matters. The industry you operate in will also affect the nature of your disputes, particularly in heavily regulated industries. It is not worth getting caught out after the fact when it will cost more time and money to fix than it would to set things right in the first place.

Our experienced contract lawyers know how to leverage industry experience and negotiation strategies to transform existing and future contracts into opportunities for growth. We can help you get your worth and more!

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Acquisition (Sell Side)

Provided sell-side support for Cannon Trading’s acquisition by Openmarket Group for A$12.5 million.

Acquisition (Sell Side)

Provided full sell-side transactional support for Faethm AI during its acquisition by LSE-listed Pearson PLC.
Capital Raise
Advised on and supported their Seed capital raise of $5.3M from new investors (local and international) and re-investing current investors.