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Our experienced contract lawyers know how to leverage industry experience and negotiation strategies to transform existing and future contracts into opportunities for growth. We can help you get your worth and more!


Big tech is always fighting over Intellectual Property because ‘IP’ means competitive advantage. We advise clients on best practices for creating, protecting, managing and commercializing your IP as you grow global.


We assist technology & startup businesses in the US, UK, and AU with all your commercial legal needs (specializing in complex transactional, data, privacy, corporate and commercial), including expansion plans!


Executing a successful capital raise comes down to nailing your due diligence process and your critical documents. If you’re ready to inject capital to double your growth, we have an international team on hand to help you out whenever you need it.


The right legal advice is critical for tech companies that want to achieve the four business outcomes necessary for a successful ESOP. Increase productivity and accelerate growth with an incentive plan today and take advantage of any tax exemptions that may be available to you!


Get the best advantages of an in-house general counsel without the expensive cost of maintaining one. With us on call, you don’t need to hunt down one lawyer for contracts and another lawyer for employment — we’ll handle anything and everything you need.


If you want to grow your business, you need to bring in new people and partners. It is almost impossible to do so without divulging the critical information that gives you a competitive advantage. We enable you and your start-up, to keep your confidential information confidential.  


Technology innovations come about when multiple innovators collaborate to create something new. With major tech-businesses always looking to be involved in large projects with other market leaders, Joint Ventures can create the perfect opportunity for innovation.


Long, drawn out disputes can be such an effective way to bleed a company dry. Our lawyers can help you steer clear away from these pitfalls in the US and Australia.


Establishing a company to finally get your idea off the ground doesn’t need to be a convoluted process complete with a mountain of paperwork. Our legal setup is focused on mitigating risk and fueling growth from the planning stage to launch. We make sure the decisions you make now won’t hinder you in the future.