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What is martech?


The marketing industry has been supercharged by the technology revolution. This has led to the emergence of ‘martech’ businesses that provide new and innovative marketing solutions; or otherwise marketing technology businesses. 


Martechs provide software and tools that supercharge an organisations’ ability to achieve marketing goals and optimize marketing channels. Businesses will likely deploy a martech stack. That is, they will rely on a suite of tools rather than just one: from CRM to email marketing and content management. 


How big is the martech industry?


The global martech industry was estimated to be $344.8 billion in 2021 according to The Martech Report. Even taking into account all the M&A and consolidation activity in the industry, this is a 5,233% growth from just a decade ago. It’s not just acquisitions. Investment is also pouring in. 


For example, LXA Hub reports that in 2022:

  • Customer data platform Snowplow raised $40m;
  • CRM platform Front raised $65m in a Series D round;
  • Headless commerce platform Strapi raised $31m; and
  • Headless content management platform Storyblok raised $47m in a Series B round. 

How can Biztech enable martech innovators?


Innovation in marketing technology and approaches delivers novel legal complexities and challenges. This requires expert guidance to effectively navigate. As a martech business, it is important to be aware that certain documents are required to provide your services. These include services agreements, terms and conditions, and privacy policies. 


As new and unique martech products with a global reach appear, they need to adapt to the regulatory frameworks – including Data Privacy regulations, such as the Australian Privacy Principles and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Biztech Lawyers are experts in enabling martech innovators to comply with regulations and scale-up. 


Biztech Lawyers has enabled martech businesses that provide services through digital marketing platforms, data analysis tools, event marketing management software, customer experience platforms, e-commerce marketing platforms, marketing communications and AI analytics platforms. 


We enable martech businesses through:


  • Company setup; 
  • Regulatory setup, compliance and governance;
  • Service and subscription agreements;
  • Intellectual Property, including trademarks, copyright, IP licenses and assignments;
  • Capital raises, VC and crowdfunding;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Cybersecurity; and
  • Data privacy and Info-Sec.

Featured Martech Clients


Series D Raise

Provided sell-side transactional support for Quadpay in its acquisition by ASX-listed Zip Co Ltd.

Rokt - SaaS (ecommerce)
Smooth Messenger | Acquisition | Biztech Lawyers

Acquisition (Sell Side)

Provided transaction support and related due diligence for the owner of Smooth Messenger in relation to his share sale to Message Media, Australia’s largest messaging provider.

Smooth Messenger - App

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