Legal help for emerging Tech Start-Ups

Don’t lose sight of your vision. Leave the details to us.

Getting the foundations right for take off isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s essential. 

That’s something we’ve learned having helped hundreds of startups from inception to exit.

It’s not just because we’re OCD about the details — it’s just what we do.  And we love helping.  So you can just focus on  founding your business.

Build your company with solid foundations! Our legal setup is focused on mitigating risk and fueling growth from the planning stage to launch. We make sure the decisions you make now won’t hinder you in the future. We can handle everything from assisting you with directorship and shareholding to managing your registrations. Let our experts lay out the groundwork needed to support your business & help you launch your startup with a growth mindset!

Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets — it’s the thing bringing in all your investors. Protecting it should be a priority for every budding startup! This isn’t just your groundbreaking software or design, your IP also includes your brand, image, name and more. We ensure everything is protected by registering them with the right bodies and advise you with best practices moving forward. Don’t take any risks with your biggest competitive advantage!
Make sure all your intellectual property rights are secure! Have our experts examine your current trademark and patent rights to see if you’re as protected as you should be. We can identify any existing gaps and advise you on your best options moving forward. Don’t wait until you’re facing competing claims or being sent cease and desist letters. We can help today. 

People often see contracts as restrictive, limiting what they can or cannot do. Our seasoned lawyers know how to leverage industry experience and negotiation strategies to transform existing and future contracts into opportunities for growth. We can help you get your worth and more.

No matter how you plan to finance the growth of your business, we can guide you through the intricacies of funding via SAFEs, Equity or Convertible Debt. We can help you understand what the different types of funding entails and advise you on the best suited financing strategy for your business.

If well drafted, this can be the primary document that protects your business from liabilities and disputes. We set out overarching terms specific to the products or services you offer, so all you have to do is refer back to it in job or work orders. We ensure you have all the necessary precautions a business of your type needs but still flexible enough to be a growth activator, not a blocker.
Your software is unique, which is why it’s profitable! Unfortunately, this also means that you can’t rely on contract templates for agreements with your users. Most of those leave you with terms that are unnecessarily restrictive for your business or worse, entirely incompatible! We make sure your contracts are tailored to your specific software and tech business model, to protect both you and your users.

The modern business landscape thrives on data, but you need to show your clients, current and potential, that you’re using the information you collect responsibly. You could be missing out on a global audience or access to third party analytics without this. We can quickly draft one for you to comply with the relevant regulators!

Confidential information is exchanged on a regular basis and there are certain steps that you must take to ensure that this information stays between you and the confidant. Our service will help you recognise how confidential information can be protected and we will create a confidentiality agreement that caters to your business needs.

Whether you are growing your team by hiring new employees, or engaging the help of an independent specialist contractor, you will need to make sure the rights and obligations of all parties are clearly laid out. We meticulously create agreements between your business and employees, or independent contractors which effectively cater to the needs of your business and the work arrangements you look to establish.

Startups need to think about how they will incentivise and reward staff who are prepared to forsake salary but want a to be a part of something bigger. 

We can help you with setting up your Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP), share plan, phantom share scheme or other incentive arrangements for your staff – tailored to your circumstances.

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