Selling Smart: 10 Rules for a Successful Business Exit

Co-authored by Anthony Bekker, Chris Spillman with the assistance of Dion English Ready to make your business exit a success? Selling a business is more than just a transaction – it’s the culmination of your hard work, dedication, and dreams. The journey can be exhilarating yet complex. That’s where we come in. Navigating the world […]

Navigating the M&A Landscape | Common Legal Hurdles for Tech Startups.

Discover the path to M&A success that tech startups can’t afford to miss. Dive into our featured article by Chris Spillman, our US MD, exclusively on Chris sheds light on the crucial insights that tech startups need to conquer the challenging world of mergers and acquisitions. In this exclusive taster, Chris uncovers 8 key legal […]

The Essential Role of Bullet-Proof Commercial Contracts for Start-ups

Delve into the world of start-ups and uncover the power of bespoke contracts. In her insightful article published in the UK’s The Start-Up Magazine, Alison Berryman, a Senior Managing Lawyer at Biztech Lawyers, sheds light on the crucial nature of “bulletproof” commercial contracts and their impact on the future of start-ups. From the challenges of […]

Best Practices for a Successful US Flip Up by Aussie Tech Businesses

Redomiciliation & Business Flipups

Navigating the intricate process of flipping up from Australia to the United States can be a transformative endeavor for Aussie tech businesses. It presents an opportunity to tap into a larger market, secure increased funding, and elevate their brand on a global scale.  However, to ensure a seamless and successful transition, it is crucial for […]

Navigating Global IoT Ventures: Seamless Contracts for Success

In today’s technology-driven world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from a futuristic concept into a driving force for innovation. Beyond being a mere buzzword, it now seamlessly connects various aspects of our lives, from smart homes to healthcare solutions and intelligent transportation systems. The transformative impact of IoT is undeniable. Embracing the IoT […]

Alison Berryman is profiled in The Law Society Gazette’s “My Legal Life’’

Biztech Lawyers’ Alison  Berryman was the subject of The Law Society Gazette’s “My Legal Life’’ feature. Alison, who is Biztech’s UK Senior Managing Lawyer, was asked by the Gazette about all aspects of her education and legal career. She explained how she initially chose science A-levels but realised science was not for her and so […]

Practical Law’s Interview with Anthony Bekker: The Crucial Role of Legal Resource Technology at Biztech Lawyers

Practical Law recently interviewed Anthony Bekker, the Managing Director and Principal at Biztech Lawyers. Anthony shared valuable insights on the importance of legal resource technology in our practice, focusing on our use of Practical Law. Discover how Biztech Lawyers utilizes this powerful tool for legal research, document adaptation, and cutting-edge legal matters. Biztech Lawyers is […]

AI and the Path Forward: A Responsible Approach to Emerging Risks

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has raised concerns about its potential negative impacts on society and the economy. As demands for AI regulation increase, it is crucial to understand and address the risks associated with this technology. In this thought leadership article, Andrew Truswell from Biztech Lawyers explores the pressing need for regulation, […]

Biztech Lawyers’ Alison Berryman Analyses GDPR Fines in Infosecurity Magazine

Biztech’s Head of UK, Alison Berryman, has contributed an article to Infosecurity Magazine, discussing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines and their practical implementation. In her article, “GDPR Fines: Are They Working?’’, Alison discusses the various concerns about how effective a deterrent they are to wealthy tech giants.   She explains that the GDPR has been […]

The Power of Data in FinTech SaaS: Balancing Privacy and Innovation

The fintech industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and fintech SaaS platforms are gathering more data than ever before to provide users with a better experience. As fintech companies leverage data to understand their customers better, as well as making use of new innovative tech tools such as AI, block chain, cloud computing and […]