UK Government vs. Tech Titans: The Clash Over AI Regulations

UK Government vs. Tech Titans: The Clash Over AI Regulations

Biztech’s Head of UK and Senior Managing Lawyer, Alison Berryman, has written a short article on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the European Financial Review. In her piece, Alison examines the UK government’s blueprint for regulating AI and the concerns that surround the fast-growing technology.

While AI is expected to have a profound impact on our daily lives, its potential risks and negative consequences are also on the rise. Tech industry leaders, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, have called for a pause on unregulated AI experiments, citing concerns about the technology’s potential dangers.

Alison raises important questions about AI’s prioritization of human safety, its ability to evolve beyond human control, and the accountability for its mistakes. She also notes the time and cost implications that AI regulation will have on technology creators.

To read the full article visit the European Financial Review website. 

If you’re interested in learning more about AI regulation and its potential impact, reach out to Alison.

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UK Government vs. Tech Titans: The Clash Over AI Regulations
Alison Berryman
Senior Managing Lawyer | UK
Alison is a senior technology lawyer with extensive experience, most of which has been gained at a boutique London IT/IP law firm where she trained and worked for 17 years. Alison has supported and advised tech sector innovators, from individual developers to multinational corporations and everything in between. Skilled at drafting and negotiating a very broad range of commercial contracts, Alison has been praised in legal directories for her deep knowledge of technology and the associated law. Clients value her pragmatic approach and willingness to help them make informed decisions, as much as her expertise.
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